Installation Instructions

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Installation Instructions

1. How to Install a Hold-Open Door Closer

2. How to Install a Double Closer

3. How to Install Larson QuickFit Handle Set

4. How to Install a Retractable Screen Roll Replacement

5.  How to Install Mortise Handle Kits

6. How to Install Full Glass Mortise Handle Kits

7. How to Install Surface Mount Handle Kit for Solid Core Door

8. Mortise Handle Drill Template

9. How to install Surface Mount Handle for 370-98 

10. Expandable Door Installation Instructions

11. Troubleshoot Storm Door

12. How to Install Retainer Strips

13. How to install Inside Storm Door Window

14. How to install Surface Mount Handle Kit with KeyLock 2026633

15. How to install Mortise Handle For LARSON® Solid Core Door No Key Lock

16. How to Install 349 New Retainer Strip

17. How to Install a Pet Flap

18. How to remove Larson QuickFit Key Cylinder

19. Larson Retainer Strip Guide

20. Larson Retainer Strip Installation for 345 Series, 349 Series, Wood Core Series, Classic-view Series

21. How to Install Retractable Handle Kit

22. Troubleshoot Retractable Screenaway Storm Doors

23. How to Install Rail Screw Covers

24. How to Install RetroFit Keyed Replacement Kit